You Can’t Lie and Be Happy

We mean those words figuratively and literally. You are born into the world at a time of your choosing to fulfill your desire to evolve. At your birth, you were granted every available resource to use to guide your way. Often you have mistaken some of the incidents and circumstances that occurred in your life to be failures or mistakes. And that’s when you started lying to yourself.

The current restructuring of your world is providing you with the opportunity you knew would be present at this time to aid you further and help you accomplish your desire of contributing to all that is or the evolution of your world. And all you have to do is refuse to lie in any situation. You always know when you have done so by the way you feel. You feel good, prosperous, loving, and happy when you refuse to lie. And when you lie, you experience anger, blame, regret, judgment, depression, sadness, and any other unwanted emotion, along with financial lack.

When you believe someone else is responsible for the current state of your life, you are lying to yourself. When you think that someone was given more skill and ability than you, you lie to yourself. When you believe that somehow the conditions you were born with made you less than others, you lie to yourself. Please contemplate these issues, especially over the next three weeks.

In our live talk yesterday, we revealed more of what we told Roger was included in our program that came through the cosmic wisdom of many who came before you, and you have access to all of that in your own right. And when you do not believe that is true, you are lying to yourself. When we gave you our work in 2012, we began with Infinite Intelligence, and we capitalized it in that manner to indicate you each have full access, and you when think you don’t, you are lying to yourself. You will be fine.


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