The beginning is now

August 18, 2022

The beginning is now. You have moved into a new place in your restructuring and that of your world, and today, as promised, we will explain your importance now and why you deserve more.

We said the beginning is now to disrupt your belief in linear time, for you will be better equipped to receive the information we provide in the live conversation.

We have said this is a generational shift you are completing. You bring your ancestral heritages to the party, and now the essential nature of who you are that has escaped your awareness will be made known and appreciated by you. That occurs when you accept your importance and the life experiences you lovingly agree to bring to your world. Still, you must now receive your value for this part of your endeavor to make the impact you intended.

It will make sense later, as it always does, and you will be fine.

Please register for Thursday’s live conversation, “You Deserve More Now.” at 9 AM PST.

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