Tomorrow you will understand more

August 17, 2022

Tomorrow you will understand more. We are speaking of our live conversation with you tomorrow, where we will reveal more, but we are also referring to your acceptance level. As we have said, you do it gradually.

You and your world have moved into another level of your restructuring. As you awaken to who you are, it can cause you to experience an exaggerated state of fear; as we have said, we intended to aid all of you in moving through your fear and doubt during your transcendence which is what is occurring. 

You each come to the world with the unique gifts that you want to develop and contribute to the evolution of your world, but when you fear who you are, that prospect can be challenging, but if you do it a bit at a time, it can be more palatable. 

None of you know who you will become or what your heritage might be, and Roger is no different. But he may have fought his emergence more than many of you, which is why he is a great teacher. You can only give others what you are willing to accept yourself; when you refuse to do so, the resistance will cause other difficulties to emerge in your life in an attempt to guide you back on course. You have a divine plan or a specific thing you want to achieve in this lifetime.

We will give you one other thing to contemplate before tomorrow. Yesterday we put the thought in Roger’s head to review a video on Atlantis. While there will always be debate about the existence of such a place, researchers want to know. As he listened, he heard Plato mentioned, so Roger found more on Plato, and as he listened, he heard us. Then he listened to a discussion between a philosopher and psychologist on the subject and wondered why he understood what was being said.

Then he heard the notion of the self and remembered what we gave him years ago and repeatedly. We will place one portion here and continue tomorrow, so hopefully, you will begin to accept the gift of yours that is emerging if you accept what you have been given, which is the path we provided. 

Nothing happens accidentally in your life. You only decide when you accept your brilliance, for it is within you.

January 3, 2012

You are continually “working on” your very own self-acceptance. The term working on is being used so that you might gain the idea that it is something in which you put forth the effort, it does not always feel like fun, but in the end, it pays you great dividends.

As you begin to look at this concept, you should also realize that your judgment of thinking that you should “be there” already, or should have met this goal, is useless and absurd. It should also give you the idea that you never get it done, and it was precisely your reason and intention for having a physical life experience.

You could do nothing better than continually look in a mirror until you find that self-acceptance.


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