You can always become more

April 19, 2022

You can always become more. Roger found himself engaging in behavior he knows detrimental to his growth, but he is also a teacher. He was feeling regret. Your best teachers offer the most impressive examples you can follow as you all do for one another. 

While he momentarily doubted, he knew we probably gave him something, and we did. We will do everything to foster belief in more of you, for it will aid your restructuring and that of your world. 

August 19, 2012

Expansion is a continual process; therefore, at any given moment of now in your physical life experience, you will feel somewhat inadequate precisely because you desire to expand. It might be helpful to study the literal definition of the word expansion and apply it to

your very own spiritual development or progress.

When you find yourself in those moments of feeling that inadequacy, instead of beating yourself up, so to speak, it would be much more helpful to recognize it as your call to become more, you will find your self-judgment lessening and your joy in life increasing.


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