Stop resisting money

August 16, 2022

Stop resisting money. We wanted that to be a command. For many of you, that would be the best plan for your life at this time of your evolution. We have said you are moving through a restructuring in your world, and part of that is a redistribution of wealth and income in your world, so you move closer to the nature of your being. That nature is oneness or coming to accept you are all one. 

Everything we gave you in 2012 was to aid you in the manifestation of your new world, and we knew you would not be where you desired yet as you hold fear and resistance, which is of yourself. There would be no other reason for lack of money. You are all born with equal ability to manifest anything of a physical nature. Still, you also carry restrictions and limitations you were born with that you wanted to break through, so you aid evolution. 

You each will use the energy of money in your way to aid your expansion. Some of you will accumulate and seek as much as possible to feel worthy, powerful, and essential. In that case, you would be adjusted for some other time in your evolutionary experience where you felt deprived and less than you could be. 

Then others keep money from you due to memories you have of not deserving of having abundance. Everything is in your thinking, but those ties sometimes are challenging for you to recognize. Roger had spoken of his early years when he witnessed his father collect money for his boss and hand it over in front of Roger, and the impression gained was only certain people who looked a certain way should have the money. That is part of this restructuring, and you each play a role. 

Yet there is still another aspect. Many of you who held spiritual awareness, like Roger, have been divorced from the need for money, but that is old behavior. You will not aid this restructuring by denying yourself the material things you use while you are in physical form that would have your life more comfortable. You use all things physical to expand your soul, and when you know your value, all things come to you quickly. 

You have moved into another phase of your restructuring, and we asked Roger to hold a live conversation on Thursday. Then we asked him to find the message we provided on this date in 2013, and as you study the entirety of this message, our meaning will make sense. 

Roger did not know why we had him advise others to join our program by the 18th, but now he knows it is because he must be an example of the abundance you all deserve if you are to usher in that new world you want. Take your time studying this information, for it will help you. 

The patterns you each have carried must be broken now for expansion to occur, and for many, it is allowing yourself to have the money you attract reflect the worth and value you have gained and can offer.

August 18, 2013

The decision you made when you decided to have a physical life experience was to become the best person you could be. Many subjective words will be used here so that you might better understand the meaning.

This was your decision, and it is not necessarily the decision that others might make. Whenever you decided to make choices that did not align with that goal, you experienced difficulty. This was designed to hopefully make you aware that you had made a choice against your goal. Now with the advantage of hindsight, this will make much more sense to you.

When you decided to embark on any endeavor with the sole goal of gaining more money or acquisitions, you experienced difficulty. When you entered a relationship with the sole purpose of thinking it would cause you to feel more whole, you experienced difficulty.

Whenever you decided that the well-being of another was more important than your own, you experienced difficulty.

Being the best person then involves making choices that cause you to expand and benefits all others or mass consciousness.


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