Your gift is needed now

August 15, 2022

Your gift is needed now. Yes, we are speaking to you, or you would not be reading our words, for you have never been in an accidental place in your life. It is that you only come to recognize where you are and decide at that time on your evolutionary journey to accept your gift, and for most of you, that time is now.

We say most of you because many others will not hear us or read these words, and as we have said in all our live conversations, you would reach a place in the restructuring of your life and world where you would have to make a choice, and you have reached that place.

You are moving through a galactic change in your world, but you each control the trajectory of your world by the actions you take, and becoming your authentic self is the most powerful and important thing you will do in your life and in your world, which is why your gift is needed now.

We use the term gift because you have not known your characteristics and qualities to be gifts, but they are, and you were born with them, and they are God or Source given, and you decide when you accept them, but if you do now, your world will benefit, and your life will expand and change.

You have trouble with that concept because you had no idea how powerful you were, but we knew where you would be today and provided a message that if you choose to utilize it, it will cause the next few months of your life and world to progress as intended.

We understand that you have difficulty believing we gave you this information in 2012, which was the difficulty Roger held about his gift. Still, we sent several things yesterday that caused him to shift, and the message we gave you on magic will also aid you. 

August 15, 2012

Magic happens when you decide to take over directing your physical life experience. While that statement may seem to you to be unnecessary, it becomes vitally important when you pay attention to how many times you give away control of your experience to other people, situations, or events.

In those instances, you feel at the mercy of all things outside your control. In actuality, all power occurs in your thinking realm, and you always maintain and choose how you decide to use it.

It never matters what occurs in your physical experience, but it does matter how you decide to think about it. Magic is changing your mind.


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