The dream is still real

August 14, 2022

The dream is still real. We are having a private conversation with you today as we know the past few years in your world and your life have offered you new challenges, but we want to assure you that the dream you held for your life and world is still in place, awaiting your actualization. 

The other part of this equation is that dream has already been manifested, and only your belief requires time to develop. You are moving through a major shift in your world that we called restructuring, and you exist at this time to offer a significant contribution, or you would not be in your physical body now, and you would not be reading our words.

We said we gave you everything in 2012 because many of you remember that turning point in the history of your world, and Roger has a memory beyond that, but for him and you, your belief still needed reinforcement.

We gave you something on this calendar date in 2012. We knew it would be a decisive day for you if you could temporarily let go of your belief in linear time. That was another desire of ours, for today, you have an extra helping of galactic energy that could propel you forward to achieve the dream of all, for it is the same. 

Give yourself time today to contemplate the entirety of this message, and we might bolster your belief, and it will be manifested in the “right” time in your life and world. 

August 14, 2012

The outcome of whatever you attempt to do is not as important to you in terms of your goal of expansion as the process itself. You can only experience the process fully when you decide to live in your moment of now, as you always intended.

You can only experience joy and happiness in your moment of now, and when you can accomplish that, the outcome takes care of itself. When you are focused on what that outcome might be, you are also projecting your own limited expectations, and you are more likely to conjure fear and trepidation rather than the adventure you desired.

It is a bit like throwing caution to the wind and grabbing your experience.


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