You are more than enough

August 13, 2022

You are more than enough. We felt you would understand the message we provided in 2012, and you accomplished the goal set forth then, and it would be fulfilled now, for it will be essential for you to embody the meaning of that message to aid your evolvement and that of your world. 

August 13, 2012

Your experience of jealousy is meant to urge you to become more or expand. When you experience jealousy or envy, it means that you have observed another and made an assumption that somehow they have more than you; are better than you in some manner, and subsequently labeled yourself as lacking or not being enough.

All those assumptions are false because every soul is unique and possesses the same value, not only to themselves but to the world. Now with this information, you can seize the moment when you experience that feeling of jealousy and use it as your signal to continue to expand and evolve.


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