We wanted you to understand your life

August 6, 2022

We wanted you to understand your life. While we are referring to our upcoming talk with you and Roger’s workshop, we are speaking of the work we provided in 2012. We use that reference continually because it identifies your lack of belief in yourself. 

You each come into the world with limitations and restrictions you intend to move through. But you have also had difficulty accepting your gift. You have done that because you misinterpreted your life experiences and your importance in the world at this time of restructuring. 

Roger has done that for eons, but now his denial will help you. We had him download a conversation with you several months ago. He only heard for the first time last night. You each hide from something you were given to develop, but you will find it challenging to continue that behavior during this transition which is why we provided our work.

We will leave the recording of that session for you and will further your healing if you listen. The recording. https://bit.ly/3SpuJGh.

Then we will give you the message that speaks to your life journey. As we said, we wanted to help. 

August 6, 2012

The irony of your physical life experience is that you come to find that what you were always searching for, you already possessed. While this may, on its surface, seem like a pointless pursuit you undertook, actually, precisely the opposite is true.

The process of searching itself is expansion or evolvement. Before coming onto the physical plane, you knew that having a seemingly imaginary elusive goal would initiate and cause that expansion.

In the end, pursuing always brings you back to the ultimate understanding that everything you need is within you.


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