You were wanted here now

August 5, 2022

You were wanted here now. Yes, we wanted you to accept those very words, and we’ve been working on it for a while. Some of you have made significant progress; others still have yet to own and recognize their importance in restructuring your world. You are the one we wanted to reach. 

Please allow yourself enough time to absorb this message, for you might consider it lengthy, but that is because you have a habit of rushing around to find the next thing that will allow your life to improve. It has always been with you, but you never know that as you live your life, and that is what you wanted as well, for then you can expand and evolve, which is your soul’s mission. 

We knew Roger would have difficulty with this message today as his grammar checker continues to think we are using the wrong tenses with our verbs, yet we are not. You each had a divine plan for your life before you came into the physical world, but you are not aware of that consciously. Still, it always shows up throughout your lifetime, but you are the one who must decide to accept your significance not only in your life but that of your world. 

You each have your unique way of knowing you are on the right path in your life. Still, you might ignore the signals provided to you due to your fear of the unknown and your need to have things show up sequentially in linear time, so the concept of your eternal spiritual nature escapes you, but you are at a different place in your life and world. 

We have said that we have used dates with Roger, and your guides may have used another method, and when you become ready on your evolutionary journey to accept what you were given, your life and your world will change. Now you will also know the purpose of our work, which is also leading to our conversation this Monday. 

On Monday, you will shift to a new dynamic place in your life and world and consider the messages of the next few days as preparation. Then on Thursday, we asked Roger to hold a workshop so he might offer his experience and share the work we have provided. You and your world will continue in this transition for a while longer as none of you changes quickly or easily. 

You have not accepted your gifts entirely, and we knew it would take a while, but we gave you so much of it on this date just a year ago, for that might not be a stretch of your imagination. Roger knows he can interpret us easily, yet he will hesitate to believe and use his gift just as you have. But now, you would do well to release that behavior, for your world would like you to shine even more than you do. 

We will place that message here, and you will be hard-pressed not to make the connection to your life. This morning Roger glanced at an email but did not read it and only saw the first lines. Still, we tell them and you that due to your resistance to change and to allow yourself to become who you were meant to be, you might experience physical symptoms or ailments, which is only a denial of the self that will release when you do. 

August 5, 2021

Denying your gifts will not help your evolution. We are speaking to each individual, so, therefore, your world. Every soul is born with innate gifts you intended to use to aid your expansion during this lifetime. Sometimes you may not consider some of your experiences or circumstances in which you found yourself to be gifts, but indeed they were.

You came to evolve not only for you but for all others as you are all one. Because your way of accomplishing this is unique to you, it may seem confusing or fearful. That occurs because you are also moving through limitations and restrictions that have existed in your other lives and that of your ancestors and soul family. You may not fully understand the importance of the work you are doing now due to the current restructuring of your world and, therefore you.

Roger has long maintained substantial doubt about everything he might attempt to do. That was the gift he was given. Yes, we are using that to shock you into awareness. The thing that was the most challenging for him in his life is now becoming the most beneficial for him, as yours will for you when you stop denying you possess your gifts. 

We told Roger to stop doing what most of you do, practicing false humility. That means you cannot notice your accomplishments, so your gifts go unnoticed. As Roger moved through his doubt, his past difficulties turned into benefits, and his evolution continues.

He does not share many of his successes, and you might not because they seem foreign to you. But that was your old self. And due to this restructuring, you are being called to let go of your doubt. We will continue to help and help Roger, for we told him to share something he received from a client after he decided to own his unique self, as you will do as well.

As you read the following quote, please remember that we also had Roger write a book on fear a few years ago. You will make the same impact. 

“I have made changes in the past, but I often lacked the necessary knowledge or clarity, and I was too afraid to follow through. Just in the 3 sessions, I’ve had with you, I have been able to move forward on some things despite feeling fearful. “

You will be fine. 


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