There is only one truth

August 7, 2022

There is only one truth. That truth is never subjective, and it is one you all possess. It exists within you and all souls. No one has more than another. You are alive to own yours; that is all we have ever desired. 

We must first state that it took a while before Roger would write these words, for he is doing what you have done. You deny your worth and value because it is new to you at this time in your life and the world, and that was why we gave you our work in 2012. We knew that this transition would be more challenging than others. 

You each have an evolutionary journey you are living now, and its purpose was to allow you to realize and accept your power, abilities, and gifts. If you feel less than another, you have not become your authentic self. If you do not possess the riches you thought you should have, you are not authentically you. If you believe you need to lie to yourself or others, you have yet to discover your authentic self and innate power. If you are angry, you are not living your truth.

On this day in 2012, we gave you an emotional pain message. The purpose was to help prepare you for this time in your life. To become what you were meant to be, you will also have to develop the courage to change, and because you have become comfortable with what you have known, you resist change. But that is why you are in the world now. 

You came to change your world and usher in the one you all desired, and that only occurs when more of you remember the only truth that exists, which is you are all one. You spend lifetimes attempting to manifest that reality. But you chose this restructuring for a reason, and we will reveal more in our live conversation tomorrow. But before that, we would like you to contemplate the life and world you want because the truth is, any one of you could create that. You all possess the same power and truth. 


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