You could become more

August 4, 2022

You could become more. We used the word could because it is always your choice. You each come into the world with potential. No one is given more than another. But not all will use their abilities to serve their evolvement or that of your world, in your estimation. 

You will have to study that paragraph for it to make sense, but of course, we provided help, and we did it on this date in 2012. We are using things you find challenging to believe, which Roger did at first but no longer. That will also be your process.

You come to the world with something you want to expand or become more of, and it is always within you. Still, you also must decide to believe in yourself and embrace who you are, which is the work we have given you, for we knew how the restructuring might affect you, and we know there will be more of it in the next several days, so we planned two events.

Monday, you will move into a new place in your life and world, so we wanted Roger to have a conversation. Then on Thursday, you will move into another more powerful aspect of your transition and the full moon will be helpful and bring forth more of Roger’s planned astrological connection to these events. We wanted more of you to understand the nature of what we have given you.

You are alive now to become the most you could be for yourself, which will aid your world, and the following message will help you become more purposeful as you intended.

August 4, 2012

Focus is one of the most powerful abilities that you possess. Focus, as it is being used here, means mentally gathering energy and directing it in any particular direction.

It becomes important that you understand it is indeed an ability and, like all other abilities you possess, becomes stronger with practice. You will also come to understand that you can’t use this ability in two different directions at once. You will notice your experience of being overwhelmed or confused when you attempt to do so.

This does not mean that you cannot do and accomplish many things in your physical life experience, but focus is crucial in each and every moment of now.


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