You will come to know self-acceptance

August 1, 2022

You will come to know self-acceptance. You are moving through new aspects of yourself you had long denied or refused to accept. The conditions in your life now provide you with that opportunity to accept your gifts. 

We said that this restructuring isn’t something any of you have experienced which we knew might be confusing, but you are in good hands. We gave you a message on this date in 2012 that we will leave here. It will become vital to your advancement to move into areas of disbelief so you might finally hold the belief in yourself. You will be fine. 

August 1, 2012

It becomes crucial for you to practice acceptance so that you might manifest and create the physical life experience you desire.

Acceptance is the mental process that allows you to begin the physical process. When you practice acceptance, you are affirming that all things are possible. When you practice acceptance, you confirm that you are deserving of your desires. When you practice acceptance, you acknowledge that you do indeed have access to talents and abilities that are natural and inherent to you.

It is not possible then, when you are practicing that acceptance, for you to unknowingly derail your desired physical life journey.


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