Please stop denying who you are

August 2, 2022

Please stop denying who you are. We know you might feel that statement to be judgmental; it is not. It is meant to make you aware of the process of expanding or evolving. You and your world are in the midst of ascension now. 

We know that many have had difficulty accepting your roles in your life and that of your world, which we knew would occur, so we gave you a message on this calendar date in 2012 so you would not miss the synchronicity.

Yesterday we had Roger download a conversation we had with you several months ago, which he had not heard. After he listened, he understood everything that was occurring in his life and the world as we said we had given you. But he, just like you, has denied his gifts. You were given gifts you wanted to bring to your world now, and they are within you. 

Roger then changed the recording title to “Wilhelm Explains Your Life and the World.” Here’s that conversation: 

So you might embrace what you have denied about yourself; you will want to release your old self. It will show up as it did for Roger last night as he was attempting to revitalize a career and relationship he knows have both served their time in this life experience.

We know this might be confusing now, but it will not be soon, just as everything we have provided which you come to understand as you evolve, and you will do so again. You will be fine. 

August 2, 2012

When you come upon the physical plane, you are guided and directed by other souls, typically your immediate family, as you lack the experience to guide and direct yourself. Part of that initial process usually involves some form of denial. That denial, placed on you by others, is usually to protect you from harm.

Unfortunately, you often learn denial and practice that on yourself. In this manner, you do not even become aware of your own personal desires and are still living as that young child.

You would do well then to seek to know what you have been denying yourself and undo that as a part of your expansion process.


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