Your role is essential

July 31, 2022

Your role is essential. That statement is one we have attempted to encourage each of you to embrace, for if you did, your life would improve, and so would your world, which is why you are alive now.

The only difficulty or challenge that arises in your life results from you not accepting and embracing your role. You did not understand your importance in the world. You have yet to uncover all of it, but that is the evolution process. You picked the time of the restructuring.

We know some of the events in your life and the world you have not understood, but we provided guidance and will do so again today. We mentioned in our live talk the other day where we gave Roger information on Ultimate Reality. Still, he had not spoken of it, for he did not understand fully what that meant, but now he does as you have come to notice things about yourself you have yet to accept. 

Roger could not accept his role just like you, and that role is to become your authentic self. All our work has intended to guide you to that end. We will leave the message we gave you on this date in 2012, and we hope it provides more clarity. 

July 31, 2012

Everything physical is an illusion, meaning that none of it actually exists in Ultimate Reality. Ultimate Reality then can be thought of as the eternal spiritual realm. That is the place you permanently reside.

When you decided to come onto the physical plane, you knew that you would use all illusions to help you expand. You also knew the way you chose to observe and interpret whatever you saw physically would cause you to have a particular experience.

You can view something and decide whether it is “good” or “bad” for you. You always have a choice, and when you make the choice that all illusions that come to you are for your highest good, you will see that more.


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