You hear yourself when you’re ready

July 30, 2022

You hear yourself when you’re ready. You came into the world to accomplish something for yourself that you have always heard the direction you might take in your life to bring you the most fulfillment.

But you have yet to attain that place, so you chose to be alive during this restructuring to accomplish your goal. We offer you guidance, and we know many have not understood or accepted that fact, including Roger, but we have more in store.

Today we asked Roger to find the message we gave you on this date two years ago for that might be easier for you to remember, but we wanted you to hear yourself and understand this time in your life and the world today.

Today’s message will be lengthy as the one we gave you then, and we used Roger as the example to help you hear yourself, for you are here to offer something of significance to your world.

July 20, 2020

You were meant to be here now. Yes, we are speaking to you directly, and we also mean this particular time in your history and that of the world. You may think you would not have chosen this specific time to be alive, but that is never true, and it is also the thinking that has prevented you from living your life fully. The timing of your life is always accurate. 

We must tell you that we have been yelling the title of this message for quite a while to Roger, but he knew we had a lot of information, and his first instinct was not to impose on the time of others, so he resisted. Now that is the story he has told himself. But underneath all that, just as with you, he wasn’t confident in his ability to translate it effectively. 

What we mean is each of you doubts your talents and abilities, as we have often said, but that is necessary for you wouldn’t know you have them if you didn’t initially doubt them. That sentence will make sense. 

We will only speak on one aspect of this information to appease Roger with his time consideration. Roger noticed some time ago that many more were reading our words. He doesn’t know how they found the messages, but he also knows that they couldn’t have found us earlier as he has always held himself back, just like you. But now, due to your world’s current conditions, he is more inspired to be himself. Many of you are experiencing that currently, and it is not accidental. Even the timing of this and all your life events are designed to aid your expansion. You may find yourself taking confusing actions, but at the same time, knowing they are the things you’ve wanted to do but needed a little push. 

We know that things can feel a bit bleak at times, but even those times do serve a purpose in your life. We will continue this thread later as Roger doesn’t want us to carry on, but in 2005 we told him who he was to be, but it only made sense now. You will come to understand this within your life. 


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