You are the most powerful person in the world

July 27, 2022

You are the most powerful person in the world. That statement is factually accurate for each of you, but how much you decide to accept is up to you. Everything we have given you was to help you realize and accept your authentic self, for most of you do not understand that as you live your physical life experiences.  

This message is a precursor to what we will provide in our live conversation tomorrow, for, as we have said, you only accept things a bit at a time, for it requires you to step outside of your limited awareness. 

We are also doing this to help Roger because before going to bed last night, he glanced at the registration and was distressed that more of you hadn’t registered, which has been his difficulty. He wants you to have the information he has attained, but that is not his job; you must make that decision for yourselves, including him. 

We will have him publish the events separately to provide you with more proof, for that is what you think you need before you believe in your brilliance and why you are alive in your world at this time, and that was the only intention of our program. We even had someone edit his Akashic Records reading so you might understand why you would listen to him or us. You will see it later. 

We guided Roger to find a documentary he hadn’t seen, and in his viewing, even he became more conscious of the importance of the year 2012 in the development and progression of your world. But that continual doubt you each carry was there, so we had fun with him and had him connect the dates again, for that is what we enjoy using. Most of you need physical or material proof before your belief in yourself takes full effect and you decide to live the magnificent life you could.

As he watched the documentary, he noticed the date the video was published. And because he knows nothing is occurring in your life or the world, accidentally, he searched for the words we gave you on that date, and the connection could not have been any more evident. 

But then, to make things even better, that particular message had a recording attached that he had no memory of, just like you do not know what you were given to bring to the world. All we did was offer you guidance to lead you to your genius.

You exist in the world now to evolve and move through your previously held restrictions and limitations you have carried generationally. Then you might offer your essence to your world and cause a rebalancing that will complete a portion of the restructuring with you and your world. 

We will provide more, but please know our only purpose is to allow you to discover the power and beauty of your authentic self. You will be fine. 


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