You can understand your purpose today

July 28, 2022

You can understand your purpose today. We say that you can, for that is always an option for you, but we also mean the live conversation we will have with you later today. Roger questioned why more of you have yet to register as it is free and you don’t have to attend. 

When you have the information you know will help another, you can become anxious when they do not receive it, or they can’t hear you. You are meant to listen to yourself; that is what we will speak about today.

You exist in the world now at an extraordinary time on your evolutionary journey and that of your world. Still, most of you do not fully understand your importance and how your existence shapes your reality and the new world you are all fashioning now, which is your purpose we will explain later.

We know the confusing times in your life and world over the last several years have been challenging, but they have also been formative and ripe with possibilities for you to manifest a magnificent life and world. That is if you want to understand your purpose. You will be fine. 


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