You only ever fight against yourself

July 26, 2022

You only ever fight against yourself. It took a while for us to get Roger to write those words, which is why our message is late today. This fight is one you are having as well, and it is the one we have had with him continually, but due to the restructuring of you, him, and your world, we thought we might help some of you stop some of the fighting you have been doing with yourself.

The next fight we had with Roger was that he thought many of you would not understand this message. But that is an excuse many of you have used because you didn’t understand yourselves. At this time, you are on your evolutionary journey and the planetary shift of your world. 

You are born with all power, wisdom, and the ability to create the life you desire and influence your world. Still, your hypocrisy does not always allow you to accept that belief no matter how often you attend your churches and synagogues and hear those words but don’t believe them. Then you continue with coaches and mentors but still feel unsatisfied. 

Now you understand why we gave you our work for this time in your life and that of your world. Still, it will help if you choose to stop denying your greatness. We knew you were doing that, so we provided the following message on this calendar date in 2012: Roger has been fighting within himself to believe that he could have received this, but you have done the same thing in your unique way.

We are also preparing you for our live conversation on Thursday for the more of you who choose to understand and accept the wisdom of this message; you will aid your journey and the restructuring of your world. You will be fine. 

July 26, 2012

Every character trait you possess is perfect, has meaning and purpose, and helps you achieve your expansion goal.

When you remember that before you came onto the Earth plane, you knew you were perfect as you were and merely desired to become more, this concept will make more sense. When you are born into the physical world, you begin to forget that information, precisely for the purpose of remembering it throughout your physical lifetime, for that indeed is the process of expansion.

You would do well then to acknowledge those character traits you find unpleasant or distasteful to you and allow yourself to know the value and meaning they hold for you as you evolve.


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