You Wanted Self-Actualization

Before you were born, that is the decision you made, or you would not be alive now, and you certainly would not have accidentally found our words, for you have never been in an accidental place, and you are not an accidental person.

You chose this time to be alive because you knew it would be lively and shake you up just enough that you decide to own just a bit more of yourself. We have said that you accept the greatest with which you were born a bit at a time. We will give you more this Saturday, but we would like you first to contemplate where you are now, for you have changed, and the steps you decide to take will determine your future and that of your world.

You decided to be here, for you were implanted with something new within you that if you develop your sense of empowerment, you will do so with greater ease. We gave you a program in 2012 to accomplish just that, and as you discovered yesterday, it is similar to the ideas and philosophies of Jung and Maslow and many more. You were meant to build upon those gifts given to your society and develop them further now, so your world expands.

You have not grasped the importance of your presence in the world fully now, but you will. We had Roger send a video and message yesterday entitled the end of fear and doubt because he realized he had become that self-actualized person, and his next steps will be in the direction of fulfilling that dream he held of helping more do the same.

The true nature of who you are was with you at birth, and you might be remembering more now. We reminded Roger of Wilson Reese and his sixth-grade class in grammar school. Wilson was different, and no one understood why. And due to that fact and the collective fear of the unknown, Wilson took the brunt of teasing. Roger remembers that now for it disturbs him still and sparks the memory of what he wanted to help change this time. You had something also.

You are doing that now in deciding to move beyond your fear and doubt. We will continue to help, and you will be fine.


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