You Were Given Something New to Bring to the World

How to embody your new self is the title we directed Roger to alert you all to what we will discuss this Saturday in our live conversation. Little did he know that we were speaking to him, and we will use him as an example. Each of you is experiencing something similar, or you would not be alive at this time. None of this has anything to do with your human chronological age.

You each decided to be born to fulfill something contained in your evolutionary journey that would add value and significance to all that is, or mass consciousness. That is how your planet evolves. That same evolution depends on the individual accepting the gift they were given to fulfill their life purpose and add that wisdom to your world. Often you do not trust or believe what you have been given, which is why we gave you a message yesterday about 1993 only to tell you all that you have long known who you desired to be in this life. Still, at times your acceptance of this is uncomfortable, which Roger knows all too well because we moved him through some of that journey so he could be the teacher and leader he abdicated previously.

We had Roger find a video yesterday speaking on the lives of Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow. He knew there was a connection there but had only investigated slightly, but then we also had another person who happens to be in our group program send him the same video. When Roger finally allowed himself to view it fully, it revealed more that he must embody if he is to fulfill his mission, and each of you is doing the same.

You each were given something new to bring into this world, and there is no one granted anything more than you at birth. You may not embody what you were given for various reasons, but all of them involve your lack of acceptance and the fear and doubt you have carried throughout your life. Roger has received information his entire life but could not fully accept that, and most times, it didn’t make sense, and he couldn’t explain to anyone how it manifested.

The philosophy he received from us and what we told you all we gave you in 2012 is “Your Life Operating Instructions.” Then we led him to Jules Evans, who will not be known to many of you, but it was important for Roger as it gave him more validation. Jules shared a similar journey as Roger’s and, in 2012, published “Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations: Ancient Philosophy for Modern Problems.” We mentioned in our live conversation Roger’s ancient memory, which you all possess but may not access in this lifetime.

We will give you more as we move to our talk, and as Roger accepts more, so will you. You are in the world now to offer your brilliance, and our work will always be designed to aid you, and you all will be fine.


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