Your Voice is the Most Important

We have given you messages with this theme several times over the years. But today, it is also in preparation for our live talk tomorrow. You were born with desires and things you wanted to accomplish, but they are not complete.

You sit at a time in your life and that of your world where you can finally make the difference you intended in the world. The thing you always wanted to do is before you now, and it is the choice that we said you each would make, and if you make a choice now you know leads to what you intended to manifest in your life, the idea you held about changing the world with your thoughts deeds and actions will begin to manifest.

You always discover that your voice is as important as are all others, but you have had difficulty maintaining and speaking yours. But now, you will do so more readily, for your importance is becoming known to you because you are listening to your inner voice rather than the outside world.

Every message we have given you this week led to our talk tomorrow because you have changed, but due to your long-held fear of the unknown, even though the new changes you desired are present, you may take some time to accept them. We will continue to help, and you all will be fine.


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