Your only difficulty is disbelief

July 25, 2022

Your only difficulty is disbelief. We have just given you the answer to the question you’ve sought in your life, and it is the reason you are alive now.

We have said you exist at a pivotal time in your world, which means it is a crucial place on your evolutionary journey, and the more of you who choose to accept yourselves and your gifts, you will manifest a new world you desire. 

Roger had his disbelief when we said we gave him something that would cause each of you to become your best selves and aid your planet. Still, he had difficulty with his belief, as you all do, for you are in the process of evolving, and you do not know who you will become. Still, you hold the ability to become anything you desire and also, as we said, change your world if you can come to believe in your value and worth.

You hold yourselves back in various ways, and as we have also said, Roger’s way has been money. Still, he also knows that due to the restructuring of your world, you will help your world when you allow yourself to become prosperous, for you are also shifting an imbalance in your world. 

You each have gifts you doubt, judge, or don’t believe are enough. This morning we awakened Roger to a video recording discussing earth angels that he has spent a lifetime avoiding as you have dodged what you were meant to offer at this time in your world, but we provided guidance.

We will place one message here we gave you in our body of work we would like you to contemplate as it will lead us to our live conversation this Thursday. You will be fine.

April 15, 2012

Your uniqueness, or individuality, is what you desired to celebrate, own, and contribute precisely when you came onto the physical plane. Many times, however, you have sought conformity or what you think is normal, which is in stark contrast to your original intention.

You knew that contributing your uniqueness would make the greatest impact not only to your expansion but to all that is. You would do well then to seek to fully know, own, accept, and celebrate every element of you that is different and unique.

There is no more extraordinary gift you can offer; it is your most assured path to happiness and joy while on your journey.


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