You were born for greatness

July 24, 2022

You were born for greatness. This message could be the one that changes your life. The title we gave you is the truth for every soul ever born, but it is up to you to decide to believe that about yourself to let it manifest in your life now. 

You are alive at a particularly pivotal time on your evolutionary journey and that of your world, so there is a collective fear of what your future might hold. Still, we have given you that guidance and information, but you, like Roger, have had difficulty accepting and believing in the importance of the gifts you meant to unleash on your world at this time of restructuring.

We had Roger write an article yesterday, and he called it You could save the world. You can read the article here. We used those words for those are the ones you have difficulty believing, and it is only the only reason you have not experienced the life you desired and the world you all wanted to see. But that is why you are alive.

We explained it all in the article. And you will also hear in the live conversation we held several months ago that we informed you of the coming events in your world. You will listen to the disbelief we knew you possessed, and we advised Roger to change the price of our course, which will happen after today. More of you are meant to experience greater abundance now to help shift the imbalance that has existed within you and your world. 

Everything we have provided was to aid you all through this transition, but we also know that some are not ready to make that move in their lives, but those who are will change your world. It doesn’t need saving, for that is human terminology, but we knew it would capture your attention. 

But now we will tell you where you sit in your life now, and we knew that in 2012, which is something you also have difficulty accepting, just like Roger. Still, today could be the day you all change, for we have given you everything you could possibly need, and you will make a decision today if you decide to experience your unique greatness. And we will always help, and you will be fine. 

July 24, 2012

Your indecision about what you desire to do in your physical life experience usually stems from your unwillingness to chart your own course, own who you are, and state that to the world.

When you hold a clear vision of where you desire to go in your life and who you desire to be, indecision does not enter the picture. Of course, at the root of your unwillingness is some manner of fear. That

fear is of judgment, not being enough, or any other inadequacy you may think you possess. All of that is also untrue, and the process of expansion you desire to experience is about undoing those “untruths.”


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