You are evolving faster

We are reposting this message today as it will make more sense to you now as you have witnessed what we provided two years ago.

July 10, 2020

You are evolving faster. We are using those human words to help you understand, as we have always said, everything is occurring now, so your concept of linear time will pose some difficulties in your understanding, as will some of our words, but we will do our best to offer clarification.

You are born into the physical world with limited awareness, abilities, and perceptions. As you mature, you begin to realize, accept, and use your abilities more efficiently and, often, what seems to you to be faster. Try to imagine gaining skill in any physical endeavor or sport, and this concept may make more sense.

Yesterday we told you of Roger’s shoulder, which bothered him and provided a considerable amount of pain for years, but now “miraculously” seemed to have effected a cure elicited by his roommate’s words triggered a remembrance within Roger of the power he has. That is what is occurring for you and the world. Yes, we are using the collective you here. We mentioned Roger was gingerly walking around as he couldn’t believe it was occurring. We encouraged him to accept it, for that is the only manner anything in your life becomes manifest. Today he does as the result is still manifest, and that condition always makes it easier you to believe anything.

For days we have given Roger information he was unwilling to share as it was complicated, but we are urging him to do it now as it will aid you all in the coming days. You are answering the existential question humanity has used for millions of years to foster evolution, which is the choice of personal freedom and collective good. You are making that choice continually in your life, so now you see, so is the world. It will be challenging because you resist change, and as Roger so brilliantly demonstrated, you have yet to own all of your ability. After all, that is the process of evolving. No matter how it appears to you now, you have no choice but to evolve for your world is not disappearing.


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