You could change your world

July 23, 2022
You could change your world. We mean your personal world and the world at large. There was no one else born with more power to do so than you. And you decided to be alive in your world during a restructuring so your impact would be known for all eternity.

You might examine those words and choose to believe what you have always thought; you do not have that power, yet you do. We repeatedly said in our live conversations that there is no hierarchy of souls. No one is born with more ability than another, but it depends on who will choose to believe those words and act upon them, and that could be you.

Everything that is occurring in your world currently, we have advised you, would happen. Your understanding and acceptance of the events would provide you with the chance to move through restrictions and limitations you have held about yourself throughout your journey. Still, you were given something that you are working on now that could change your life and world if you choose to believe in yourself. That was the only goal of our work.

You all will experience a lack of belief in whatever vision you hold or what you thought you were meant to do in your life, which is why you were born. If you examine your world now, you will also notice that the power to control the direction of your world seems to sit in the hands of a few men, which humankind has allowed for eons, but you exist now to change that dynamic.

Roger, like you, has attempted to hide the wisdom and guidance we provided because of his difficulty in believing something so powerful came through him. The same is true for you, which is why it is called evolution.

We gave you another message a few years ago that would aid you all now, and we will place it here as Roger kept losing it as he knows it does require effort on your part, but like with everything else we have provided, it holds the ability to transform your life and world.

May 25, 2015

Reckoning, reconciliation, and finally, acceptance. This can be thought of as a process that you follow during your physical life experience to come to full ownership of who you are and thus facilitate your expansion.

The first part is reckoning. Many times you attempt to ignore or pretend that certain aspects of you or your personality do not exist.

The next step then is reconciliation. This means that you acknowledge all those things and begin not only to own them but also find their value and purpose not only for you but for all others in your world.

Then the final step is acceptance. You come to own every part of you proudly and then almost miraculously discover the perfection, beauty, and wonder of all you are. That is indeed a cause for celebration.


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