You are perfect

July 22, 2022

You are perfect. We thought those words would capture your attention, and we knew you would be the person attracted to them, for that is what you wanted to understand and finally realize about yourself and your physical life experience.

We have just given you the result of all the work we have provided for you to utilize during this restructuring of your world. Yesterday we had Roger write an article where we revealed more of the reason for our work and your life, and we have him leave a link here for you to read as we also gave him an instruction we will pass on to you. The article:

In that article, you will read your life’s purpose and our work. They were both to allow you to accept your magnificence so you could contribute all the wisdom and knowledge you’ve gained through your life experiences so your world would continue on an evolutionary path that would serve more humans. Only in that way does your planet continue to exist and expand. None of that would happen without your contribution, which is why we gave you the article.

Everything you have experienced that you judged as being wrong, challenging, demanding, insignificant, or any other term other than brilliant, magnificent, or glorious is something you made up. Those terms have nothing to do with your goal of obtaining the experience of ultimate reality; the purpose of humankind that will always exist for you are eternal spirits.

You are living a physical life experience, which is why we used that phraseology continually throughout what we provided in 2012, which many of you have not understood, so we offered other references in the article to stretch your imagination. 

So many received superb results with the program we provided because we allowed you to reinterpret everything about your life experiences so you might recognize and own the worth and value you have acquired throughout your life. All you have moved through, endured, conquered, and feared were part of your perfection of you. Every fear you overcome, you help all those who will come after, and in that way, your world will be one that you wanted to experience, and the legacy you will leave is one your world will remember and thank you for eternally. You will be fine. 


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