You must believe yourself

July 21, 2022

You must believe yourself. You were born to evolve and offer your gifts to the world. You chose to do so at a time where it would be of most significant benefit on your evolutionary journey and that of your world. 

No soul is exempt from this process, but you are the only one who can decide to accept your gift, and that must be a conscious decision on your part, and that is where you have difficulty. You have developed a fear of the unknown. this particular time in your world is unfamiliar to you all. Except there are many such as Roger who do know, but they too must decide to believe themselves. 

We revealed much of this in our live conversation yesterday, which you can hear on the YouTube channel, but we said today you would move into the next portion of your restructuring and that of your world. 

It was challenging for Roger to believe himself as it might have been for you, but this is the time on your evolutionary journey where you wanted to accomplish your goal. Yes, we did give him everything in 2012, so he might aid more of you in your self-belief. We told Roger to look for a message we gave you on this date, and he only had to find the year. 

We will place it here, and please attempt to remember its wisdom as you move through the next days of your life. 

July 21, 2013

Peace is always your desired destination. You arrive at that destination when you become satisfied with yourself. You find that satisfaction when you know you have done everything in your power to cause your expansion.

This can be thought of as your ultimate goal when you decided to have a physical life experience. When you are satisfied with all that you have done, there is nothing that occurs or that is done by anyone else that can disturb your peace.

This is another way of understanding that you are always attempting to gain and accept full responsibility for your life experience. That is when you grant yourself the experience of peace, which is always joyful. Try that today.


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