You will understand your life

July 20, 2022

You will understand your life. You always come to understand your physical life experience after you leave your physical form, but we are referring to our live conversation with you later today and a message we gave you in 2015.

We know many have difficulty with the notion that you were born at the right time and with meaning and purpose that would cause the creation of your life and world, but that is what we will clarify today, and you will understand why we always say, you will be fine.

March 6, 2015
You are the butterfly. This analogy will help you understand your physical life journey and the process of evolving.

You come into the physical world and begin to seek and form the shelter of a cocoon. Now while you embody this cocoon, you are preparing for your own flight, as it were. While the cocoon is never really necessary, you find comfort in it for a time until you gain the courage to take your own flight.

The process then becomes you stripping away one by one the layers of that cocoon which are always obscuring the magnificence and beauty you hold.
As you shed your layers, you inspire and motivate other souls to do the same, for they all hold that same potential merely awaiting flight.


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