You Will Believe, Trust, and Love Yourself

That is the goal you set for yourself in this lifetime. It is what you and the world are striving for now through your restructuring. It also happens to be the goal our work will aid you in accomplishing.

The challenge some of you have now is seeing beyond the appearances in your world now. Humanity has used perceived disasters to evolve, and you are doing the same now, but you wanted it to be better than ever, so it required a bit more effort on your part.

You will come to understand more. Last night Roger was tackling his paperwork and “stumbled” upon one of our writings. When he glanced at it, we told him not to read it but post it to this message, and there will be more of you who will accept the title of this message, for it is what you are up to, and you will be fine.

June 16, 1993

All manner of physical manifestation is illusory, which means that it is present for you merely to demonstrate what is occurring on the “meta” physical level. When you truly understand that all is Spirit, you will be better able to utilize these physical manifestations you are given.

Your conscious awareness is not always in tune with what is being presented to you, which does not mean that your spiritual awareness is not gaining benefit and growth. Your mission, if you will, is to be more aware of this vital connection, and you will use it to your benefit in your physical incarnation. Your only purpose is to move through the fear, for only in this way do you contribute to your spiritual growth, which is universal growth or collective consciousness, as you might think of it.

You are indeed using more of your intuition to work with your physical manifestations, so you need not limit the degree to which you can accomplish this. Enjoy

Completion: It was surprising for Roger to type this, for he received this from us long before he “allowed” himself to share our communications with you. Like you, he had doubted and forgotten so much, but we will continue to help you all remember.


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