You are the change you wanted to see

July 19, 2022

You are the change you wanted to see. Please consider those words for a moment as they pertain to you, and they are a precursor to our live conversation with you tomorrow.

Your world is moving through a massive restructuring. You exist to aid that movement through your willingness to move through your evolutionary journey so you might accomplish something your relatives and ancestors did not.

What you have before you now is your contribution, but it also means you must move beyond your doubt to accept something about yourself and your world that you couldn’t before, but now is the time you intended to complete your task, which is your contribution.

The only job you had that you sometimes consider a task is to become yourself. You will understand the significance of your existence in the world now, but you must first acknowledge your importance to yourself. Self-acceptance was your only desire, and that act will cause your life and world to expand as you wanted exponentially.


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