The reason you are alive now

July 16, 2022

The reason you are alive now. Some of you will accept this message, and others might dismiss it as you have done with many things in your life you desired to achieve.

But you are alive now because you wanted to expand and evolve. You wanted to achieve a level of success, happiness, and love you had not. We know some of this is challenging, but you have always existed, but you choose certain times in the history of your world to be alive because then your importance makes a more significant impact in your world. But that is if you can accept your significance.

Your world is moving through restructuring because the imbalance that has always existed needed a major change which is why you are alive. But we knew you might require more assistance, so we gave you our work in 2012. When you decide to let go of your doubt and fear about who you might become or achieve with whatever you are doing now, you add energy to your life and world that causes all that is to flourish and evolve.

You can only accomplish the goal you set for yourself and help your world when you decide to let go of your old self and embrace the new one you have become, for that is what your world is attempting to accomplish, and it needs your help.

Everything we have given you was to help you reprogram your thinking about yourself, your life, and the creation you were born to bring to the world, but you have to accomplish that task.

The other part of this we would like you to understand is that the particular rebalancing in your world is about your world’s wealth and income inequality. You are meant to become more prosperous, so you might help all those who have been neglected. All of you are always working together in a further effort to realize your oneness.

None of you know who you might become when you are born, but that is what you wanted, for you could not experience expansion on your evolutionary journey without your willingness to accept your genius, which is why we gave you our work. Reread this message, and you will understand more. You will be fine.


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