You were born limitless

July 15, 2022

You were born limitless. We would like you to consider the meaning of those words so you might understand your life now, the message we gave you in 2012, and your importance in the world now. 

You had one obligation in your life. We use the word “had” because we want you to imagine that you chose the life experience you would have. You had full awareness of every difficulty or challenge you might encounter along the way, for you knew if you were willing to move beyond them all and allow your soul to heal, you would add your essence to the world and aid the restructuring of the world. So, the only obligation you had was for you to become yourself.

We knew this transition might be uncomfortable or frightening for many of you, so we provided Roger with our work to aid you. But we first had to convince him of his obligation so he might help you, for we knew you might not interpret your worth and value accurately, and we offered you help. You must be the one to accept that help so you might pass it to others so your world evolves as you will do on your evolutionary journey. 

Now the message we gave will make sense, and we will continue with more throughout the week as you move into another phase of your restructuring. You will be fine. 

July 15, 2012

There is no limit to what you might become except the one you set. The idea of limit itself does not exist, again, except in your thinking.

Your entire purpose for having a physical life experience was to live fully without limits. The harsh truth is that whenever you feel that you have not achieved something you desire, it is because of your unwillingness to do so.

This is not a good or bad thing, but simply something for you to become aware of so that you know it is only you who make that choice; understanding this allows you to make all your choices consciously.


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