Your life is meaningful now

July 17, 2022

Your life is meaningful now. We used the word meaningful because no matter what you might have experienced in your life, understanding the importance of what you have accomplished will cause your life and world to evolve.

Now you understand the work we gave you in 2012, and you were meant to utilize it now. You might have thought things in your life and world were falling apart, and somehow you are alive at the wrong time, but the opposite is true for you.

Every soul is born with equal abilities, talents, and skills to manifest anything they desire, including a world that you love, but not all will believe that is within their power, but it is. You have been given something to bring to the world, and even though you might have doubted your significance before, you can decide to recognize it now and allow yourself and the world in which you live to evolve.

You are discovering new aspects of yourself, and you might have been confused about which way you might go, but you will decide soon, and we will continue to help. During this great transition, there is also splitting apart. It will occur within you and manifest in your world. But if you choose to believe in what you were given to do, the rewards you will receive will astound you.

You had difficulty believing in your significance, just like Roger, for he couldn’t believe he received something he did not know he possessed, but now he sees it could change the world if he changes himself. You have the same ability.

Now you know why we gave you our work, and we will explain more in our live talk with you on Wednesday to aid you in how you might perceive the events in your life and world. You are all ascending, and everyone will be fine if you do your part.


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