Your Moral Compass Will Guide Your Life Now

You each are born with an innate sense of right and wrong. When you are quite young, that awareness may not be felt by you, but as you have moved through your life, every decision you have made was based on your held ideas of what is right and wrong, and you always know the difference through how you feel internally.

The ideas of right and wrong are subjective, of course, as every human will have their own sense of that, but you cannot ignore or pretend that yours does not exist for it does, and the challenges you have experienced in your life always came when you tried to not listen to your compass.

We like using the human term of compass to indicate a particular direction you will go. We will also say that you are alive now because you knew that if you followed that compass at this time in your world, you would put in place the ingredients that would manifest the world you wanted and the life you dreamed you would have.

You were correct in that dream, for you decided to be here now to fulfill something you agreed to of which you would have limited awareness now, but we will tell you what it is. You knew that if you could own every aspect of yourself, your presence in the world would cause a difference. You never did that before, but you have a chance now as you take the actions that allow you to know you are following your moral compass and leaving your legacy. You will know you have done so when you are happy and peaceful. We will continue to help, and you all will be fine.


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