The reason you don’t have enough money

July 11, 2022

The reason you don’t have enough money. We thought that title would capture your attention which was our desire. We gave you our definition of money through the work we provided in 2012, but that is the part many of you have had difficulty accepting, just like Roger.

Money is energy, as are all things in your physical world of a material nature. Still, you use all things physical in a manner that allows you to navigate your physical world. Humans have collectively made money one of the most critical factors and have done so as long as humans have existed on your planet.

During the current restructuring of your life and world, you are using money again to shift the balance of power in your life and world, for they are the same. We know this might be unclear to some of you, but for Roger, it is not; that is the message we wanted you to hear, and it will also tell you why you don’t have enough money.

The only reason for that condition to exist in any of you is that you have yet to understand and accept your worth and value. It is always reflected in you when you decide to accept your gift as your soul intended for you to accomplish during this lifetime. We must also remind you that the gift we speak of is you.

Yesterday before a meeting, Roger was working on wording for his website, and when it came to him describing our program, we urged him to say, “the last personal development program you would ever need.” He experienced hesitation as you have felt about your gift or what you came to bring to the world.

You have that gift, but it also comes with limitations and restrictions. You are all born with them; otherwise, there would be no reason for your birth. But you are the one who must take the steps right in front of you that you know have been blockages of your self-acceptance. As you do so, you will manifest all the money you could want or ever need. That is the guidance we provided; if you utilize it, you will all be fine.


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