Self-acceptance will change your world

July 12, 2022

Self-acceptance will change your world. We do mean that if you were to come to accept yourself and believe in your importance for being in the world now, the world you see manifest would be the one you wanted.

You each are born into the world to offer gifts to yourself, which means you wanted to evolve. You also chose to do so during the restructuring of your world. Your importance at this time is more meaningful than you could have imagined.

But we did give you help, and we knew it would be helpful today and tomorrow. Your world will move into another phase of your global evolvement today, and tomorrow will be the perfect day for your reflection, and you will have galactic assistance. Please use the message we gave you in 2012 to aid you now. You are not accidental, and neither are the current world events. You will be fine.

July 12, 2012

Gradually you become you. This statement will help make you more aware of the expansion process and hopefully alleviate some of your self-imposed judgment.

You often find yourself sitting in judgment of your thoughts, deeds, and actions with the accusation that you should have known better. In truth, had you known better, there would have been no need for any expansion or evolution.

You decided to live in a physical world that operates on linear time precisely so that you might experience that gradual transformation, for, in that manner, it becomes known, owned, and actualized by you.


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