You life is perfect

July 10, 2022

Your life is perfect. We are using your human definition of the word perfect so that you might understand the intent of this message.

You decide when you are to be born into the world, and you make that decision because you know the time in the history of your world that would be best for you to evolve. You knew the conditions that would exist when you decided to live would provide you with the best opportunity to accomplish something you had not done before.

As you travel on your physical life journey, you will be given glimpses of your mission, and then you will choose whether you will fulfill your desire. You might think you are moving through all your challenges and difficulties for some other purpose, but the first one is you wanted to know and own your worth.

If you decide you will change your perception about your life and every experience you have ever had, you also add to the expansion of ultimate reality, for that is the only reason any of you are born. You wanted to add to the perfection of your world by recognizing and owning the perfection of who you are.

Now you know why you are moving through a restructuring in your world. And the reason we provided our work. You eventually discover the rewards of your efforts, as did Roger yesterday. Then your life changes instantly, and you will wonder what took you so long to recognize your brilliance, for you have always held it within you, and changing your perspective was the only thing you wanted to achieve.

Please attempt to hold the truth of this message for yourself over the next several months in your world and remember all others are doing the same thing. You will be fine.


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