Your Greatest Fear Has Been Becoming Yourself

Your greatest fear has been becoming yourself. With the current conditions of your world and the restructuring you are undergoing, you will experience new aspects of yourself that you feared. You feared them because they moved you to some unknown place, and your attachment to certainty has held back your evolution.

Please understand that we are speaking to you, the individual, and the world collective. You each come into the world to contribute to expansion or evolution, but the only way you achieve that goal is by becoming yourself. But often have not given yourself the freedom to do so due to fear of judgment from others or somehow not fitting in the established norms. You never intended to do that.

Some of you have been controlled by your religions, and you failed to notice. We had a lively conversation yesterday, and many found value. Roger decided to send the recording to all on his list as he knew it might spark conversation and that it indeed did. He also knew that was his biggest fear. For his delivery of us was what has held him back. One person felt that our information might be evil somehow as it was not the same as their idea of God.

The restructuring of your world asks each of you to examine that issue. You have used your ideas of God and religion as either a means of creating control and division or for healing and transformation, and you get to decide. When you need others to believe what you believe before you believe it yourself, you discover the real reason for your life not moving forward as you desired. Study this a bit more, and the illumination will emerge, and you all will be fine.


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