Please do you best to understand this message

July 7, 2022

Please do your best to understand this message. We have given you quite a bit of information regarding the current restructuring of your life and world, and we are doing so again.

You have maintained a lack of belief in yourself and your ability to create and manifest the life and world you desire, but as we have said in our live conversations, you will have to choose. But that is also the reason for your existence.

The next several months in your world may seem chaotic and uncertain, but that is the element that your world requires, and you agreed to help. You exist to move beyond your limited awareness and previous restrictions in this lifetime so you might evolve. The only thing you may not have recognized yet is how essential your evolution is to that of our world.

We did not accidentally give you this advice in 2012; just as it is not accidental, you are reading it now. If you heed its advice, you will move through this time in your life and world more easily than many others, and that was the intention of our work.

We used the dates intentionally, for it is another attempt we are making to get you to think outside of the box as you think of it and believe in the unknown with you and the world because that will be the most helpful. You will be fine.

July 7, 2012

You are the only one responsible for how you experience your physical life journey. There may be many different ways of stating this idea, but this particular one may help you genuinely accept that idea.

The operative word there is how. How refers to the way you decide to think. In other words, many things outside your personal control may influence your life, but how you choose to think or perceive them will affect how you experience your life.

No one else can cause you to think, feel, or react in a particular way, for that decision is yours and yours alone.


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