The experience of success is a decision you make

July 6, 2022

The experience of success is a decision you make. You will have that opportunity as you continue your evolution which was the reason for your birth. You want to achieve certain things in your life that are inherent within you. But you chose a time of the restructuring of your world.

That world is one you have created, and deciding to have it manifest the life you want will require you to develop more belief and faith in your abilities, and you are the only one who can decide to utilize them. While you may look to others for a decision you might make, it is always your responsibility and your life. Your thoughts and actions at any moment are what create your life experience.

What we gave you in our work was the awareness that you live a physical life experience to further develop at the soul level, for you only stay in a physical body for a finite period, but you are eternal. You use your physical experiences to aid your evolution. However, you choose to view yourself determines your experience of anything, including whatever you consider to be a success.

There will be more opportunities to choose your life experience in the next few days. There will be contrasting opinions and beliefs from others, but you came to the world to claim autonomy and sovereignty that is yours and yours alone. When you make choices that align with your life mission, you will have the experience of success you sought.


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