You always win

July 8, 2012

You always win. Today we are referring to your collective you or your world. You exist in the physical world at this time because you want to evolve and help your world accomplish that task. You will achieve both tasks by being willing to embrace every aspect of who you are.

Everything we have given you was to help you on your journey, for we knew you might observe the conditions in your world and falsely believe things are falling apart and they are not. You are coming together, and now we just switched to the individual you. You have not understood the importance of your evolution at this time or your significance to your world.

We know this information might not make sense to you, but those who have heard our live conversations, as someone said yesterday, will accept more. We have said in those talks that you are moving through an evolutionary ascension of the entire planet, and that has never happened, and most of you have a distrust and unwarranted fear of the unknown. Everything we have given was to help you move beyond that, beginning with the work we provided you in 2012.

You each come to the world to perform different tasks that would cause your world to evolve. Still, it would help if you also moved through your disbelief which is why we have used human linear time so you might make the connection to the universal you or your eternal spiritual nature.

We said that the United States would lead the way during this restructuring. When we gave you that information more than two years ago, many of you were in disbelief or ignored the news, but you will no longer be able to operate in that manner. In the next week, there will be another change where more information about you, your world, and the United States will be revealed, and holding to the knowledge of your sovereignty will be helpful for you. Again, that is why we gave you our work.

In 2012 we said conflict and unity always coexist. You each add to the energetic mix of what will manifest in your world, and if you make it about how great you can become, you and the world will win; and this entire message will make sense. But be patient with yourself, for we know many have not believed us, but you must believe yourself, for you have so much to offer. You will be fine. We have always meant the collective you.


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