Regret is counterproductive

July 5. 2022

Regret is counterproductive. You will have moments where you want to engage in beating yourself up for something you believe you should have known or you could have done better. You have then taken the energy available for your use and placed it in a direction that only causes you to feel worse than the joy you might feel and appreciate recognizing your mistake.

Roger has recognized what we have given you all could have made a more significant difference in his life and others if he had believed himself the first time. That is called evolving, which is the only reason you are alive. But he did decide to see what we gave you on this date in 2012, and surprisingly it is appropriate for him and many of you today.

July 5, 2012

Everything you do is perfect. This can be an excellent mantra for you to use to help motivate yourself to get going when you have allowed fear to direct your path concerning what you believe lies ahead for you.

While that statement may be a bit difficult for you to accept emotionally, the reality is it is a true statement. Even those things you think you have done that were less than perfect brought you to heightened awareness.

You continually seek to trust the integrity of your physical life journey, and these experiences will help you accomplish just that. This is also another interpretation of “just do it.”


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