You knew who you were meant to become

July 4, 2022

You knew who you were meant to become. Before you were born, you decided to accept an assignment to incarnate onto the planet, so you might add your essence to the world, make a difference and move through restrictions and limitations you had previously experienced, so you knew the perfect time to be born.

You knew that the best way you might accomplish your goal was to be placed in a specific country with a particular family because they were the race and ethnicity that needed your presence the most. You could make the most significant impact there.

You also knew that every experience of the life you would have could provide you with obstacles as well, for you wanted to move beyond the fears and doubts you held before. You knew it would be far more critical to move through them now because you also aid your parents, ancestors, and all those who came before.

You planned your journey so perfectly that you could be alive during a massive shift in your world that felt to you to be a bit chaotic and uncertain. You knew that if you decided to move through this time in your evolutionary journey and came to love yourself, you would also recognize the love you held for others, and the restructuring of your life and world would be successful.

You knew you would find us to guide you on your journey to aid you in your self-belief. You will accomplish that goal, and you will be fine.


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