Choose the future you want now

July 1, 2022

Choose the future you want now. That is similar to the theme we gave you on December 31, 2012, for we knew you would be traveling through this time in your world now.

Yesterday we had Roger compile what he was hiding, and now it will be time for you to reveal what you’ve been concealing or that you did not believe about yourself or your capability to manifest the life you wanted. Some of you might examine your world and think that a dream life may not be possible, and that is where you are wrong.

Please attempt to accept this next part, for it will make your way less challenging. You chose to be alive at this time because you knew if you decided to move through the resistance you have held in living the life you wanted, this restructuring would provide you with more energy to create the life you want, and it would make a difference in your world which is why you picked this time.

You create everything through the thoughts you choose to hold, and your current beliefs are limited as you continually expand in consciousness, and that is the only place where power is contained within you and your world.

We gave you this two years ago, but it will make sense to you now. We said you are moving through a restructuring, and the United States would lead the way. The reason is that they represented an ideal the world followed. They also lost their way. At the time of their founding, the goals they set then have not been realized. They are coming upon a celebration and an inevitable galactic change that will give you more opportunities to choose who you want to be.

Your dreams have not been manifested fully due to the division and separation you have held, which you see demonstrated in the United States, and now you want to review it all and make changes. The change you wanted to make is to believe in yourself, which is why we gave you our program.

You will experience more contrast and conflict in your world, but they appear, so you might choose the future you want and the world you want to see. When you stop holding back on what you have within you, the world you all want to see will be glorious.

We had Roger download a conversation we had with you on December 4, 2021. Roger has held back as you all have, but now he knows what he was given is valid, and the same is true for you. We only wanted you to believe that.


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