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July 2, 2022

Everything you wanted to know. We thought we would pull out the stops today as you think of it in your world, but we are doing so because you have reached a pivotal time in your restructuring and that of your world. The choices you each make now will determine the life and world you will manifest.

Last night we had Roger see a news clip of an event most of you would not remember, and to many, it would seem insignifcant, yet it wasn’t. A planned massive fireworks demonstration was to take place in San Diego, CA, in the United States. A technical glitch caused it to ignite earlier than anticipated, and the entire event was done in 12 seconds. All felt such disappointment, but there was a greater meaning to that event that you would do well to consider now, and it helps tie together everything we have given you over the last two years.

You sit at a place in your life and world where you could cause instant manifestation and shift the trajectory of your world if you held the same expectancy about your life and world as you did when many anticipated that fireworks display. The only reason you have not done that is your lack of belief in yourself and your abilities. But that is also why you are alive now. You wanted to know that power within yourself, for that is the only manner you and your world evolve.

You each come to the world at specific times to cause your evolution to continue and your world. We said you were moving through a restructuring, and the United States would lead the way. While that did not make sense to you when we first gave you those words in 2020, the recent events in that country have caused you to pay attention.

Every iteration of your civilization, you attempt to move closer to the oneness of the essence of all that is or God, the Universe, Gaia, or whatever human term gives you the impression or feeling of something greater than yourself. We provided you with guidance to perform that task in 2012. But you each carry a limited awareness, and you must become willing to suspend your disbelief if you hope to move beyond the biased society you have erected.

We said the United States would lead the way because they were seen as the world’s leader. But they lost their way, as many of you have, but if you choose to correct your path, so will the world. But too many of you have not believed in your innate power, so a significant imbalance was created that would not serve the further evolvement of your world. You came to make a difference energetically, and you do that by deciding to embrace who you are and love every aspect of you. That is why we gave you our program.

Many of you here have an awareness of that but have feared embracing that knowledge, which is why we have Roger speak of his disbelief so often. We had him send something the other day that detailed his journey to help you, but there was one part he didn’t do well, and he knows that as you have known what you have not embraced about yourself.

We asked him to have the Akashic Records reading edited to demonstrate why he held information that would enhance your awareness. Still, he kept putting it off as his acceptance was lacking as it is in each of you, but again that is why you are here and decided to have a physical life experience.

None of you watched the video, for if you had, you would have heard the reader confirm some of the information we have given you, mainly in our live conversations. You each come with different talents and abilities, and if you fear or judge them, they do little good in affecting change in your life or world.

Everything in your world is connected energetically. That includes your galaxies, stars, planets, and even existences beyond your current awareness. Roger has ancient memory, which is why he received this information, as there are many others in your world doing the same. But he had to move through his disbelief about what he came to offer, as do you.

He could not have known what he received in 2012, just as you could not have known what was within you, but we will say you wanted to know now, for that is why you are here, and as more of you embrace yourselves, the challenging times in your life and world will transcend, and collectively you will manifest the world you want.

We prepared you for every event occurring now and will give you a couple of examples. You live in a world where you have placed value and worth on money and have done the same to yourselves. Nothing of a physical or material nature has any value except that you give it, and you do the same to yourself.

September 28, 2012

“You will never find your feeling of security in anything physical, meaning anything that only has value in the physical world. Those things include your money, possessions, position, and even certain physical personal relationships.

You intended to use all those things to find merely your security or value in your spiritual world or your true eternal self. When you try to accept and believe this concept, you will save yourself countless days or years of frustration and disappointment in trying to find that sense of security in the physical world.”

Roger knew this information as well as the fact that this restructuring meant changing the wealth and income disparity in your world, yet he did not change the price of our course to attract more of you, but he must do so for himself and the rest of you to shift that imbalance,

Many have been frightened by the war in Ukraine and other places and the conflicts in your countries, but we gave you information about that as well.

November 7, 2012

“Conflict and unity always coexist in physical life experience and are necessary for expansion and evolvement. This condition is true in your personal experience and your world at large.

You cannot know unity within yourself without having experienced the questions that conflict brings to your awareness. You spend your entire physical life experience coming to know who you are, and that can only occur with the contrast that conflict offers you.

The end result then is always a period of unity. When you have sufficiently answered those questions about who you are, you experience unity; through unity, you generate more energy and awareness to expand and evolve. This outcome is true for you and your world.”

Roger would like us to apologize for the length of this message, but we will not do that, for we know some of you will understand as you will want to embody these ideas over the next several months, which is why we gave you the program. The coming difficulties could be changed in 12 seconds, just like the fireworks. You will be fine.


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