Why not you?

June 30, 2022

Why not you? Please ask yourself that question when you examine whatever is before you that you believe you are meant to do in your life or something you think you have created that holds value.

The first answer you will find is a limitation you have placed on yourself, which you most likely inherited from your family or ancestors, or you picked up those ideas yourself from your experiences. You were meant to move through all manner of limitations and restrictions in your life. That is the other reason you and your world are having a restructuring.

Yesterday we advised Roger to write an article entitled “Here’s what’s happening in your life and the world.” He was inspired because he was reading to a friend a portion of an assignment from one of the members of our program. It brought him to tears. He was unaware of the reason for that emotion until this morning when we had him ask himself that question.

After examining this life, the work we have given you all then witnessing the result, he had to ask himself if he had been the one to discover and create something that could bring more people to understand who they are and live the life they were meant to have.

The only answer he could find was yes because no one had proven him wrong. Roger knew that he wanted to package this material now and bring it to those who could get it to more people, and maybe that would make a difference in your world. But he, like you, must answer the question yourself, and the only way is to say yes. It is you. That is the reason you were born.


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