We gave you everything

June 29, 2022

We gave you everything. This message is not meant to be a reprimand but rather one of encouragement. Where you are in your life now is where you were meant to be. Your choices now will be pivotal in your life and your world.

Everything you are experiencing in your life is something we told you would occur. You come to the world at the time best suited for your evolutionary journey and that of the world. Not all of you will make that connection, but that is the one Roger was meant to make so he might aid others in doing the same, and not only do they evolve but also your world.

You have entered a new phase now, and we won’t attempt to give you everything at once, but we will speak on a point we told you two years ago that you might accept now. We are also doing this for those in our program who are doing brilliant work, but we want them to understand the vital contribution they are making.

It would help if you suspended your disbelief, for that is the stumbling block you encounter in your life and your world. We told you that you were moving through a restructuring, and the purpose was so you might manifest a world in which you wanted to live were more of you saw yourselves as powerful and yet equal because you each come to offer something different and new.

We also said the United States would lead the way because they had placed themselves at the helm and all assumed they were the leaders of the free world. We then said they had momentarily lost their way, but self-examination would allow them to make corrections as all were meant to do.

We said you would uncover things about yourself that would be surprising and also your world, as some witnessed yesterday, and there will be more to come. Those elements can cause separation and division, and we wanted you prepared so you might be somewhat immune to those happenings while at the same time becoming who you were meant to be and aiding your world.

And to those in the program, you are doing what we had hoped. You have gone through your life and uncovered your erroneous beliefs about yourself. You have reframed your old events and began to understand you never did anything wrong and can release your guilt. You have opened yourself to possibilities you thought were lost, and now you have more choices of what you might do with your life than you imagined.

You are in the process of loving yourself more, which is the restructuring you wanted to experience, and that is what we gave you all, and we did so for this time in your life and world. You will be fine.


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