It is always your doubt

June 28, 2022

It is always your doubt. When you find yourself in uncomfortable situations in your life and the world, it is due to your lack of belief in yourself and trust in your world.

We are giving you this message today for you are being restructured, and your fear of change could be exacerbated at this time. Roger was feeling the effects of his persistent doubt this morning as he could not convey what our program had to offer, and his doubt has left him in a place in his life where he must change, as we said in our message yesterday.

We will give you the highlights of what we gave him as he was reluctant to offer until he witnessed more proof, as many of you do before you become willing to move beyond your doubt.

You came to the world at this time to evolve. You were given a path to follow, and it was the one to lead you to something you were meant to offer the world that would fulfill your evolutionary goal, and that act would add to the evolution of your world. But due to the doubt, you might have carried, that goal you set has yet to be manifested.

You are moving into a new phase of the restructuring in your world, and you must gain the strength, courage, and willingness to love yourself and release your self-judgment and doubt so you experience the life you wanted and create the new world you all want to see.

Our program provides you that opportunity for we methodically guide you through releasing those limitations and restrictions you have placed on yourself. Then you begin to see the same in others, and the current conflicts and divisions within you are mended, and so is your world.

Roger’s doubt kept him from realizing he had been given something that would help your world, but you all have been given something, and he just received the mechanism to help you own that. We now told him to open another door, for there is always a way, and the same is true for you.


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