You have stopped your progression

June 27, 2022

You have stopped your progression. When we use the word progression, we refer to what we gave you in our program in 2012. We bring you back there, for there is an element within you and Roger that does not believe fully in the power you hold to change your life and world.

When we spoke of the restructuring your world, it is your collective world and yourself. We gave you our work because we knew how challenging some of you might find this time in your world. Still, it is also what you wanted for you agreed to release generational restrictions and limitations so your world might evolve to the one you wanted to see.

Your reasons for halting your progression might also be built on your ancestors’ backs. Those ideas and beliefs are as limited as yours are now. But we gave you everything you needed to change them, but many did not believe that, especially Roger.

We are using him as an example again, and while some of this information is challenging for you all, it will be counterproductive to use regret and self-judgment. What you intended to do was change.

Roger knew we had given him all the information any of you could use to transition through this period when he began to notice the events in your world come into physical manifestation. We told you about women’s issues, we told you about war, and we gave you all the tools to use to change your minds so you might progress, but it was Roger who needed to accept his gift as you will yours.

Thirty-five years ago, we gave him the concept of focused attention, which many of you think of now as neurolinguistic programming. Then we gave him the idea of ultimate reality, which you might think of as the source or kingdom of heaven. It is an idea you use to release the worries and fears you carry in your physical life experience when you hold it.

Finally, we told him that all our work spoke of your physical life experience because you exist to expand your soul, which is becoming yourself. But Roger had to move through his generational restrictions, which were tied to money, as that was the generational thread he wanted to break.

You will find yours, and then you must utilize the tools to break through your reluctance to be yourself. Intellectual knowledge does not manifest results without action, and the effort you must take is to release your self-imposed judgments and unwillingness to take the steps you know are before you. You will be fine.


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